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Combining Private Enterprise

with Academic Excellence

The Analytical and Bioanalytical division of TRL provides GLP-Compliant analytical chemistry support for all non-clinical studies.   Equipped with the latest technologies, including LC-MS/MS and HPLC, our professional staff is proactive in meeting client needs as they expand our current capabilities. Our experienced staff develops and validates quantitative methods for traditional, small-molecule therapeutics, as well as novel biotechnology-derived macromolecules, to provide our clients with quality results, timely delivery, and responsive support.


Analytical and Bio analytical Services include:


         •  Development of qualitative and quantitative analytical HPLC, LC/MS or LC-MS/MS methods      

            for different compounds and drugs in support of preclinical drug discovery studies.


         •  Analytical support for pharmacokinetics studies, dose formulation and dose verification,              

            metabolite identification, stability, solubility, and other experimental needs.

Analytical and Bioanalytical Services