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Combining Private Enterprise

with Academic Excellence

TRL offers a complete genetic toxicology testing battery conducted in accordance with international guidelines (FDA, EPA, OECD, etc.).  TRL conducts standard in-vitro and in-vivo genetic toxicology tests under Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) guidelines and has the capacity and expertise to design and perform assays that can be used for screening candidate compounds.  These assays predict the results while using a minimum amount of drug to obtain the maximum amount of information.


Areas of expertise:


• Ames Bacterial Mutagenesis Testing (mini-Ames for screening)


In-vivo and In-vitro Micronucleus Assays


• Chromosome Aberration Assay


• Mouse Lymphoma TK Assay


• Cytotoxicity Assay


• Comet Assay


Genotoxicity Testing