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808 S Wood Street

Room 1306

Chicago, IL 60612


Ph: (312) 996-2123

email: lyubimov@uic.edu

Alexander V. Lyubimov, M.D., Ph.D., D.A.B.T., Director

Toxicology Research Laboratory

Alexander V Lyubimov has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of toxicology and clinical pathology.  He has held positions within contract research laboratories and academia.  He previously supervised and managed five toxicological laboratories as Director of the Center of Ecology and Biotesting at the Russian Academy of Science, a GLP facility serving the Russian pharmaceutical and organic synthesis industries.  His research experience in Europe and the USA includes numerous efficacy, acute, subchronic and chronic toxicology/carcinogenicity studies in mice, rats, dogs, monkeys, and rabbits; reproductive and developmental toxicity studies in rats and rabbits; pharmacokinetics tissue Alex has distribution studies in rodents, dogs and primates; efficacy and safety studies in baboons, rhesus, cynomolgus and stumptail macaques, and in vivo cytogenetic studies in rats.  These studies have been conducted for both government and industry Sponsors, and  have  included therapeutic agents such as chemoprevention drugs, anticancer agents, chemical antidotes, cosmetics, solvents, pesticides, antibiotics, vaccines, immunoglobulins, stem cells, bacterial agents, biomaterials, and environmental pollutants.  Routes of administration have included oral, intravenous bolus, intravenous infusion, subcutaneous, intramuscular,  intrapineal, intraperitoneal and dermal.  Current and previous Sponsors include NCI, NIDA, NIAID, BARDA, the U.S. Army, and many different  pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and chemical companies.  The majority of the studies conducted by UIC-TRL have been used by Sponsors for IND submissions.  Dr. Lyubimov’s research interests also include prostate cancer treatment and prevention, endocrine disruptors, maternal-embryo relationships, mutagenicity, and quantitative prediction of toxic effects.


Dr. Lyubimov received his M.D. from the Medical Academy, Perm, Russia in 1982 and his Ph.D. in Medicine from the Institute for Continuing Education of Physicians, St. Petersburg, Russia in 1989.  He has presented his research results at more than 60 national and international scientific conferences, and has more than 130 abstracts, scientific publications in peer-review journals, books and conference proceedings. Dr. Lyubimov has served as a chair of several international conferences, including International Conference “Frontiers of Pharmacology and Toxicology”, Chicago, 2006, which was organized by UIC-TRL.  He also has served as a guest editor for the “Chemico-Biological Interactions”, a  journal of Molecular and Biochemical Toxicology.  He is an editor of the 6-volume “Encyclopedia of Drug Metabolis and Interactions”.  Dr. Lyubimov is a member of several professional societies, including the Society of Toxicology, American Association for Cancer Research, Teratology Society and Institute of Validation Technology.